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Road Trips: The world is your oyster

When it comes to longer holidays, there are two types of people; the ones who spend their two weeks away lying on a sun-lounger, immersing their feet in the golden sand and being waited on 24/7 by a staff member who brings the next cocktail on the menu just as they are taking the last few sips of the previous drink. These are the relaxers.

And then there are the wonderers – the people who bring a travel map away with them to go exploring the area at all hours of the day, only returning back to the hotel for a couple of hours’ sleep before the next adventure begins. We at Amity Travel cover both categories, and you can instantly infer which type of person you are by what assortment of shoes you take with you.

But we also offer a third option for the people somewhere in-between; the DIY-ers. These people look for the best of both worlds, but most importantly, they are in charge of whether they go exploring the local flora and fauna that day or find the nearest beach to top up their tan. You are in control. And the best way to travel as a DIY-er: the road trip of a lifetime.

Sure, it sounds daunting having to drive in a different country and you may think it would be horrific amount of money to part with, but the freedom of the road is priceless. The added beauty of going with Amity Travel is the planning will already be done before you leave and you will have an itinerary to follow as much or as little as you wish for a very reasonable price. Take Australia for example; if you enjoy thrill-seeking and don’t mind occasionally getting wet, then the East Coast is the ideal place for you.

Flying into Sydney gives you a couple of days to explore the incredible landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House or a chance to relax on Bondi Beach before your tailor-made adventure begins. From there, head up the coast to Brisbane for a night of sightseeing and delicious food on the River Dinner Cruise, before an opportunity to visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary the following day. You will need your cameras at the ready for your close-up with one of Australia’s national animals, and could even adopt one to remember your visit for years to come.

Moving up through Queensland, the possibilities are endless. A trip across the water to Fraser Island is a must with its idyllic scenery of Lake McKenzie and gorgeous untouched beaches as far as the eye can see. And your final destination may well be the best of them all; the Great Barrier Reef. There are boat tours galore depending on what you would like to see most, along with stunning, picturesque walks that any seasoned traveller would revel in. And of course, scuba diving and snorkelling is always an option for those who have dreamt of swimming with fishes for the day at one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Alternatively, if the East Coast appears a little too city-based for your taste, then there is so much more that Australia offers. A flight into Adelaide will give you a more cultural start to your trip, with plenty of Art Galleries and Museums to quench your inquisitive thirst for more knowledge, as well as incredibly beautiful nature trails to explore to your heart’s content.

Next on the itinery may be a journey inland towards the Outback to witness the infamous natural features of Ayers Rock (Uluru), and could experience going around the hugely impressive landmark at sunrise or sunset on a camel, making your journey even more special. Heading up through the Northern Territory, Alice Springs offers another side to Australia with the oldest aboriginal art in the world and a lava-like sunset at Anzac Hill that you will not see anywhere else in the world.

Your final stop across the heart of Australia would be Darwin, rounding off your journey with anything and everything you could desire; from putting your feet up on a sun-lounger by the beach to searching the flea markets for the best bargain, and from visiting an aviation museum to a water park, you will never want to leave.

The truth is that it doesn’t have to be Australia. We at Amity Travel will organise your every hope and desire to create a holiday anywhere in the world that you will always cherish. You tell us what you want to do and where, and we will build your trip piece by piece. Whether it is a city break away for three nights in Europe to a three month adventure across several continents, we can make your dreams a reality. So contact our experts in the office today for your one-on-one meeting to start your personalised adventure of a lifetime and decide what to pack first.