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Florida: Family Fun in the Sun 2018

When it comes to family holidays, Florida, and Orlando in particular, are top of the list for many, and it’s easy to see why. Children have theme parks galore that they can roam around to their heart’s content, and the parents have a failsafe holiday that they know their kids will love. But it is not cheap, so to get the best deals you need to book early; now is the perfect time to book with Amity Travel Private Client for summer 2018, with some great early booking deals that won’t hang around for long. To help whet your appetite, here are five reasons why you should visit the Sunshine State, and trust us, they aren’t all just for the kids!

1.) Let the kids burn off some energy in the countless theme parks: 
Kids of all ages will love visiting Disney World, and will even bring out the inner child of every parent, whether they admit to it or not! Play dress up and have tea with your favourite Disney princesses, visit the Animal Kingdom and catch the infamous Lion King show, take photos with C3PO or even watch the fireworks display in Epcot every evening. Welcome to the magical world of Mickey Mouse ears, endless rollercoasters and water parks to cool off in the summer sun.

But you’re not just limited to Disney characters in Florida: Why not experience the films you and your family love in real life by visiting Universal Studios? Each of the seven individually-themed islands at Islands of Adventure boast some of the best movie character of all time, from superhero favourites like Superman to the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park to walking the magical halls of Hogwarts with Harry Potter. Take a stroll through the studios themselves for night-time entertainment, eating in restaurants and visiting shops with some of the world’s most popular musical icons.
For a change of pace, head inland from Tampa to Winter Haven and enter the world of building blocks at Legoland. Kids can get their own license on the track at the Ford Driving School or head out on the open water and captain their own mini-vessels at the Boating School, before tackling the rollercoasters in each land. And if you’re starting to feel the heat, make your way across the road to Legoland’s Water Park to take a dip and splash around. You certainly won’t run out of activities for the children in Florida!
2.) For the sports fans out there…:
Sporting events may not exactly be your cup of tea, but if you want the all-around American experience, then getting yourself to a game or two is a must. During the six-week school holidays, there are a range of different sports to immerse yourself in, so if one of the country’s most popular sports doesn’t appeal to you, you won’t miss out. What’s more – Florida has some of the country’s best sportsmen and women so you’ll be sure to see plenty of action.
The NFL (American Football) start their season in the middle of August, but if you’re travelling just after the kids break up, the teams also have pre-season fixtures to keep you entertained. The Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Bucaneers and Jacksonville Jaguars all reside in the Sunshine State so you have so many options to watch a round of the nation’s favourite sport.
Baseball is also huge in America with the season running between April and October, so catching a game should be child’s play, especially with not one, but two different teams in the state. The Miami Marlins play in the National League East and the Tampa Bay Rays in the American League East. Buy a foam finger and a hotdog and you’ll be living the American dream!

3.) Animals are a highlight:
If you are a family of animal lovers, then Florida is the perfect place for you. Visit the Busch Gardens Safari and take the Serengeti Experience to get up-close and personal with some of the world’s most prestigious land mammals. The open-top, off-road safari tour gives you the chance to hand-feed giraffes as well as see anything from antelopes to zebras and everything in between. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then the penguin and tiger tours respectively may whet your appetite.
It’s not all about mammals over ground though; explore the aquatic animals at Sea World too. Go swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove and snorkel through a reef full of the sea’s greatest creatures all in one day. If you fancy an experience on the comfort of dry land, then dine in style next to one of the aquariums and watch the fish swim over you whilst you are eating your meal. In the grounds, they also have a water park and plenty of rides to keep the little ones out of mischief for another day.
4.) Taste the local food:
You probably think that travelling to America means the national food comes in takeaway boxes, but Florida is different – the state has some local delicacies that you definitely won’t want to miss out on. One dessert favourite is Key Lime Pie and has been a staple of the area’s culture for nearly 200 years; it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a place that sells the sweet treat and once you’ve had a mouthful of the tangy key lime and the signature meringue, you’ll be wanting seconds.
Of course, it’s not just puddings they are known for, but you wouldn’t necessarily expect Cuban sandwiches to be associated with Florida. However, after some of the Cuban cigar manufacturers moved to Key West in the 1800s, they brought one of their most infamous recipes with them, making it the most eaten snack across the East coast of America. Layers of roast pork, ham, cheese and pickles are grilled on a baguette of Cuban bread to create the ultimate lunchtime food, but make sure to try a few – Miami and Tampa have very different ideas when it comes to their sandwiches!

5.) Understand Florida’s heritage:
There are plenty of areas in Florida that are largely untouched and unspoiled by the population, meaning you can explore parts of the state that only the locals know about. There are infinite cultural and nature tours available so that you and your family can go out and explore the road less travelled, understanding more about the heritage of the state.
Florida is bursting at the seams with culture around every corner, catering for all tastes, ages and budgets. Hit an art gallery or two to expand your creative knowledge, watch a ballet performance in one of the historical theatres or find the Bradfordville Blues Club in Tallahassee for some classic 1950s music to get into the American spirit. The possibilities are endless.

Florida is one of the best destinations in the world for family holidays and now is the perfect time to book for next summer. Give your kids something to look forward to for the end of the school year and put a smile on your face by saving yourself money with the great deals we have on offer. Let us at Amity Travel Private Client take the stress out of holiday planning and come and visit us in our offices – all you have to worry about is getting the kids to the airport on time.