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Stockholm: The city that has it all

Deciding on a holiday destination can be as stressful as trying to get a toddler out of the front door on a tight deadline. Maybe you’ve already visited some of the more famous European capital cities; from Paris to Rome and Amsterdam to Munich. But you may have been overlooking something slightly closer to home which would whet the appetite even more without breaking the bank.
Step forward, Stockholm.
Sweden’s impressive capital is the largest city of the Scandinavian countries and offers something for all types of people; from the historians to the hipsters, and from the cultural buffs to the culinary maestros, Stockholm has it all, and it’s almost on your doorstep.
Instead of travelling for hours and hours on end, confined to the same seat and having to battle with your elbows for space with the person next to you, flights to the Swedish capital only take 2 hours 20 minutes on average; so by the time you’ve settled in your chair and tucked in to the on-board food, you’ll be stepping back on to the tarmac to start exploring the city for yourself.
There is the myth that says it’s always cold in Sweden – obviously, it depends on what time of year you go (it won’t be like the Mediterranean if you decide to fly there in February) but the average high temperatures in the summer months are above 20°C, meaning you won’t need your winter gear and knitted hats all year round.
When you arrive, there’s so much for you to experience. For a weekend away, cram as much as you can into your trip and plan ahead before you travel, highlighting the attractions you definitely want to visit, and then if you stumble across anything extra –which you will for sure – then it’s a bonus. For people taking a slightly longer trip, say 4-5 nights plus, the city is your oyster, so explore to your heart’s content and immerse yourself in the natives’ culture.
Getting round the city centre is as easy as 1, 2, 3. There are plenty of transportation options; from Hop-on, Hop-off bus and boat tours to guide you to the best Stockholm has to offer, to underground trains and a tram system to get you to your next desired location. If you want to get involved with the Swedish way of life, hire out a bike for your trip and traverse the streets with the locals. They are also known for their stunning national parks, so factor in some time to enjoy a stroll through the natural beauty of their public gardens too.
Despite the Scandinavian cuisine being divine, meals can be rather pricey, but there are plenty of options out there to avoid breaking the bank. Instead of eating in a restaurant for lunch one day, why not go to a local supermarket and buy some snacks for a picnic lunch in the park? There are so many pubs and bars for a hearty meal, but there are plenty of places to grab some street food for a quick and cost-effective meal to keep you going throughout the day.
Finally, some of the best areas to dine are tucked away in the side streets, go out and explore the city further to find these little treasures. Oh, and find a small café and try a cherry tart, you won’t regret it!
It’s hard to work out which of the many attractions to visit first when you arrive in Stockholm. If you want to brush up on your history, consider one of the museums to cover all of your diverse interests; the Vasa Museum goes into Sweden’s Marine history in depth, and gives you a tour of their recovered warship. Maybe the Medieval Museum appeals to you, explaining the cultural traditions in the country, or for the more whimsy among you, take a tour around the ABBA museum to improve your knowledge on the Eurovision and pop culture favourites.
Old Town is a must for those of you who want to capture the most picturesque views of the city. With its cobbled streets and stunning sunset views, you are guaranteed to get photos designed to cherish forever. This Nordic wonderland also showcases the gorgeous architecture of the buildings and houses, and feels like a real-life adult version of the pastel-coloured houses in Balamory.
But Sweden doesn’t just boast about its historical aspects, seamlessly blending the past with new attractions to entice all generations to the capital. With endless concerts and shows in the local theatres, a zoo for the animal lovers among you, extreme sports on land and water, an ice bar and so much more, there will be something to keep all ages occupied for the duration of your trip.
And best of all? A long weekend away won’t cost you an arm and a leg with Amity Travel. An average three-day weekend break would only be priced at £517 per couple for flights and accommodation, leaving the money you’ve saved to be put towards your excursions. So why not book a one-on-one appointment with our holiday specialists today and give you the perfect trip abroad?
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